• Like you, ICARE’s graduates are committed to helping build their beloved country. The graduates remain in Armenia to work even though their knowledge and skills would make them immediately marketable worldwide.
  • Your investment in ICARE will help Armenia and the South Caucasus for years to come.
  • Your gift contributes to the economic development of Armenia, both through improving the skill sets, expertise, and wages of the Armenian workforce and through higher income taxes paid to the Armenian government by ICARE graduates.
  • Your gift is money well spent on an effective educational program in Armenia. The graduation rates and job placement rates show the school’s positive impact.
  • The Western-style Texas A&M curriculum is new in the South Caucasus region and has the potential to change education at other Armenian universities and colleges.
  • Your support provides the best tools available: an American university agribusiness curriculum that is not available anywhere else in Armenia.
  • Your gift supports business people and entrepreneurs in the 21st-century world economy.