The farmer’s feedback

Support Program for “Establishment of Small and Medium-Size Greenhouses” aims to support farmers and entrepreneurs to construct and run small and medium-size greenhouses through the support of the government with state funds and ensure modern technological applications to increase the productivity of those greenhouses, raise the competitiveness of the greenhouse produce and help the individuals involved in agricultural activities to increase the profitability. The program is implemented with six steps and the third one is a direct collaboration with the ICARE foundation. In order to be fully engaged in the program, the applicant should participate and receive the certificates.

In 2020, the ICARE Foundation has already conducted two training courses for 32 farmers. In the 12-day training course, participants cover the following topics:

  • Greenhouse construction
  • Management of greenhouse internal environment
  • The basics of soil-based greenhouse operations
  • The basics of hydroponic greenhouse operations
  • The management of the main crops grown in the greenhouse.
  • Plant Protection

Those theoretical classes are accompanied by field trips to greenhouses operating in Armenia.

In this article, we would like to also share the feedback of a farmer, Mr. Khachik Hakobyan, who participated in the classes and he is eager to share his experience with those, who are hesitating to apply to this program.

“During the 12-day training course we had theoretical classes right in the foundation and the most exciting part was the visit to greenhouses, where we had a chance to see what was being told in the classroom. With the high-qualified specialists, we have explored the construction of the greenhouses, the properties and characteristics of the hydroponic and ground crops that can be grown in the grindhouses, the correct and professionals methods for crop production, the right time and conditions for using fertilizers and chemicals. Those classes provided me with solid knowledge and experience to apply them in my own greenhouse in the later stages of the program and to have higher profitability as an entrepreneur. I am very grateful to the ICARE Foundation, organizers, and professors.”