Unleashing Agribusiness Innovation in Armenia

For years, ICARE has been the leading agricultural center for creativity and entrepreneurship among Armenian youth, shaping leaders and innovators.
The Zabel Yessayan Agribusiness Center (ZYAC), is a testament to our commitment to bringing lifelong learning and growing agribusiness start-ups. Named after the pioneering writer and activist Zabel Yessayan, ZYAC is now a reality, thanks to the collaborative efforts of our partners, supporters, and friends. In 2022, we opened our doors to agribusiness startups who were eager to revolutionize Armenia’s agricultural landscape. And this year, we even hosted a grand graduation ceremony for ZYAC’s 2023 MAB and UAB program graduates. We have always stayed true to our mission and our commitment to it has never been stronger than it is right now as we see these remarkable individuals go through a transformative educational experience, and emerge as leaders and innovators who are ready to make a lasting impact on Armenia and beyond. They have demonstrated not only academic success but also a passion for addressing real-world challenges and as they step into the next chapter of their lives, we are confident that these graduates will continue to contribute to the growth and resilience of the Armenian economy, carrying with them the spirit of entrepreneurship, a dedication to lifelong learning, and a profound sense of responsibility as citizens of Armenia.

Today, ZYAC serves as a launchpad for innovative agricultural products and services. We invite passionate teams to join our agribusiness incubation platform and turn their ideas into reality. Additionally, we’re calling on supporters to help establish a funding that will propel these startups to success, both in Armenia and globally. We are already seeing the success that our mission sought to bring as in the past year alone, through ICARE’s multiple development projects, we’ve trained hundreds of farmers across Armenia in cutting-edge agricultural practices, and provided grants to boost their businesses.
At ICARE, we’re not just about dreams; we’re turning visions into reality. With our multiple development projects, we have been able to address key issues in the Armenian economy in the following fields of:

  • Climate Change
  • Green Economy implementation
  • Fruit and Nut production
  • Sustainable Agricultural production
  • Food processing and Export
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Youth Engagement
  • Women Entrepreneurship
  • Active Research Activities

We still have a long journey ahead of us but we are not alone as we have a team of passionate people with us, who are constantly working to improve the impact that we are trying to make in the agrarian field, here in Armenia. If this is a similar mission that you are also on, then we welcome you to join us on this journey of innovation, sustainability and empowerment, so that together we can make a lasting impact in the hearts and minds of tomorrow’s generation.