Establishing a Student Winery for Practical Learning and Training (WINE-MAKER).

Establishing a Student Winery for Practical Learning and Training (WINE-MAKER).

Period of Performance: April 1, 2022 – April 30, 2023.

Funding of the project: Project is co-financed by ICARE Foundation and H.Hovnanian Family Foundation.

Project goal: In the scope of the WINE-MAKER project a practical winery will be established that will provide our students an outstanding opportunity to be engaged in all aspects of the winemaking profession: from harvesting grapes in the field to bottling finished wines using state-of-the-art winemaking procedures. The student winery will be established on the territory of the Eco Farm, the practical and learning center of ICARE. In the nearest future, vineyards will also be planted for our students to be able to grow their own grapes for the production of the EVN Wine Academy wines. The establishment of the winery also aims to support small local wine growers from Armenia and Artsakh and, serving as an incubator-winery, to offer them winemaking and viticulture services, by providing facilities for producing their own wines. A new winery is going to become a perfect interacting point for local grape growers and winemakers.

Project implementation:

PHASE 1: A professional architecture firm is hired to develop architectural design and winery planning.

PHASE 2: A specialized construction company is hired to conduct the construction and renovation works according to the architectural plan and the design.

PHASE 3: The project team facilitates the procurement of the necessary winery equipment either from local or international suppliers.