ICARE has a new Director

The International Center for Agribusiness Research and Education (ICARE) Foundation is happy to announce that the ICARE Board of Trustees at its special session on September 1, 2018, appointed Arthur Grigorian as a Director of ICARE by a unanimous vote. Dr. Grigorian’s appointment followed the resignation of the previous Director of ICARE, Dr. Vardan Urutyan, who was recently elected as an Acting Rector of the Armenian National Agrarian University. Arthur Grigorian is an alum of ICARE’s Agribusiness Teaching Center. He was the Development Director at ICARE prior to this appointment.

The Chairman of the ICARE Board of Trustees, Dr. John Nichols, in his September 3 letter to the ICARE/ATC staff and faculty says: “Arthur brings many years of programmatic excellence, experience, and professional skills to this position and we are pleased that he has accepted the Directorship.”

The development and research projects initiated by Dr. Grigorian have enhanced the recognition of ICARE as a regional agribusiness education and research center. One of Arthur’s important initiatives was the series of meetings with ICARE alumni groups, which led to bolstering a new culture among the graduates – the culture of giving to Alma Mater both in the form of sharing their professional experience with ICARE students and raising funds to help ICARE establish the new Student Lounge.

Arthur is a great friend of ICARE’s partners in Armenia and abroad. He is loved and respected within the extended ICARE family for his intellectuality, nobleness, and dedication.

ICARE staff, students, and faculty are happy to see Arthur Grigorian as the successor of Dr. Daniel Dunn and Dr. Vardan Urutyan in ICARE’s education, research and development programs and have no doubt that ICARE’s journey, full of creative work and success, will continue under Dr. Grigorian’s leadership.