How coincident worked-EVN Student’s Success Story

ICARE has many students, who can share their success stories, whether they have graduated Agribusiness Teaching Center or EVN Wine Academy.
Recently, one of our EVN current student Arman Hovhannisyan told an interesting story of his life, a coincidence, which drastically changed his life path and made him rethink another career.

“It was about a year ago. I and my friends were sitting in a café, enjoying a very tasty and warm coffee and having a very interesting discussion about politics. All of a sudden, I spotted two girls passing by. They were talking about winemaking, and one of the girls mentioned that she used to attend winemaking classes. After a few seconds, I came back to our reality, and while I was checking my new messages, I saw a catchy advertisement. It turned out to be the advertisement of EVN Wine Academy. Finding out about EVN Wine Academy was like finding a key to a door, that was locked for 23 years, and that I had no idea what was going to wait for me behind that door. I met a lot of interesting people that are from this sphere, my understandings of winemaking became something really different, that I would never think of one year ago. Now I treat winemaking like art but instead expressing yourself on a piece of paper, here you are expressing yourself in another way, in a way that not everybody can understand. EVN Wine Academy helped me to understand what to do in the nearest future. Its influence was so strong, that nowadays I am thinking about continuing my education in this sphere. I am really happy, that I saw those two girls about a year ago.”
We are proud that we help the young generation reveal their real passion for wine and prepare specialists with a solid background.
Currently, Arman is working at Voskevaz Winery as a winemaker’s assistant.