GuideMASTER 3 Program Unveils the Secrets of History, Art, and Culture

In celebration of cultural exploration, participants in the GuideMASTER program have successfully completed the History, Art, and Culture module. Led by the esteemed Boris Gasparyan, Head of the Areni-1 Cave Complex Expedition and a distinguished member of the Department of Archeology and Ethnography at the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, the module offered a captivating journey through Armenia’s rich tapestry of heritage. The second part of the module took participants beyond the traditional classroom setting, going deep into the heart of Armenia’s wine regions. Mr.Gasparyan, our guide and instructor, not only facilitated insightful lectures but also provided a unique opportunity for educational visits to various sites.

The participants embarked on a sensory adventure with visits to the Areni-1 Cave Complex, which is widely recognized for its ancient winemaking history. Walking in the footsteps of centuries-old traditions, the group explored the intersection of historical culture and winemaking excellence.

The expedition continued to the Agarak Historical and Cultural Reserve, a testament to Armenia’s diverse history, and our journey finally ended up at the Aghdzk and Aruchi Cathedral Monastery Complex, where participants delved into the spiritual and architectural wonders of the region.

Over the course of two weeks, participants have engaged in meaningful interactions with Mr. Gasparyan, both within the classroom and during these enriching study visits. The fusion of academic knowledge and on-site exploration created an immersive learning environment, leaving a lasting impact on all of those who got to see it with their own eyes.

As we end this chapter of the GuideMASTER program, our participants carry with them not only a wealth of historical and cultural insights but also memories of a truly unique and enriching experience.

The GuideMASTER program is implemented by the ICARE Foundation with the support of the “Development of the Private Sector and VET in the South Caucasus” program of the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ), which operates on behalf of the German government, and with the cooperation of the Tourism Committee of the Republic of Armenia and the ‘Vine and Wine’ Foundation of Armenia, we are raising a global collaborative toast to Armenia’s Wine culture and tourism across the globe.