Consultancy Services for Provision of Workshops on Climate Change Risks, Vulnerabilities, Impacts, and Adaptation

Period of Performance: June 15, 2020-December 5, 2020
Funding Organization: United Nations Development Programme

For contribution to the knowledge increase in climate change risks, vulnerabilities, and adaption issues among the representatives of Agriculture and Water sectors, two workshops for decision-makers, specialists, experts and representatives of academic institutions and other stakeholders will be designed and conducted by ICARE under the supervision of relevant UNDP representatives. The implementation of this project consisted of two working packages (WP):

WP 1. Development of a handout on climate change risks, vulnerability, and adaptation for Agriculture and Water sector representatives

Under this working package, ICARE experts will review existing literature and will develop a handout (both Armenian and English) covering the following topics:

  • Awareness raising and understanding of climate change-related issues;
  • Identification of the main climate change-related risks specific to the country and to the target region;
  • Climate change risks, direct and indirect impact/vulnerabilities and adaptation/mitigation opportunities for Agricultural and Water sectors in Armenia;
  • Climate resilience for sustainable performance of Agricultural and Water sectors based on the correlations between threats (climatic event), vulnerability (such as characteristics of social, environmental and economic aspects that determine their exposure to threat), and reactive capacity (such as adaptation and mitigation measures);
  • Appropriate activities to achieve specific results and effective use of global and local good practice examples in Armenia;
  • Insight for considering the climate change risk mitigation and adaptation in the development planning process;
  • Role of Agricultural and Water sector sin National Adaptation Plan development;
  • Handouts for distribution to participants.

Task 2. Organization and implementation of the workshops

Under this working package, two separate workshops (full day) will be organized for decision-makers, specialists, experts, and representatives of academic institutions and other stakeholders on climate change risks, vulnerabilities, and adaption issues in the Agriculture and Water sectors in Armenia.

To achieve awareness-raising on climate change among participants and maximum engagement during the training a participatory and interactive teaching approach will be applied, in particular:

  • Interactive hazard mapping and other visual materials will be included in the workshop presentations,
  • Various exercises, networking motivation, interaction, teamwork and group discussions methods will be applied,
  • Evaluation of training efficiency via interactive quizzes (this will give us a quantitative measure),
  • A developed comprehensive feedback form will be used to collect feedback by each participant during the session,
  • All the ideas on climate change adaptation in the sector, comments, and suggestions provided by the participants expressed during the workshop will be collected and systematized by ICARE facilitators.