Wine Map of Armenia and Artsakh is available!

We are thrilled to announce that Wine Map of Armenia and Artsakh 2023 is available!

This map is the first of its kind in Armenia and the idea behind it is to introduce locals and tourists to the wines and wine regions of Armenia and Artsakh. Undoubtedly, one of the initial steps in attracting wine tourists to Armenia was the discovery of the Areni-1 Cave. Since then, a lot of small and medium-sized wineries have popped up. This year more than 25 wineries in Armenia and Artsakh will be represented on the map.
The map can be found in wineries, wine bars, travel agencies, and tourist kiosks in the country! Additionally, wine guides are directly delivering the maps to their guests.


From lookers to bookers.
Storytelling is used in order to attract more visitors to the wineries. To help the visitors know what to expect, the wineries are classified as small, medium, or large scale. Sections of the Wine Map include the biggest wine festivals in the country and some well-known and less-known facts about wine and viticulture in Armenia.

Two languages, thousands of readers.
In order to reach a wider audience, The Wine Map is available in English and Russian.

Take a look at it, share it through your network, and let everyone recognize Armenia as one of the best wine countries in the world.

Download the file below.

Russian version of Wine Map 2023
English version of Wine Map 2023