Where to Focus Your Support on ICARE


The ICARE Foundation is raising funds for an endowment to secure ICARE’s future. Over the coming 4-5 years, ICARE intends to raise $5  8M to enable annual income of $200,000

$400,000 to support the core operations of the school. Your gift to the endowment will sustain ICARE for years to come.

Naming Opportunities

  • Rename the School $ 8M
  • Undergraduate Agribusiness Program $ 4M
  • Master of Agribusiness Program $ 2.5M
  • EVN Wine Academy $ 1.5M
  • Computer Lab $ 500,000
  • Wine Lab $ 250,00
  • Wine Tasting Room $ 250,000
  • Director’s Office $ 250,000
  • Conference Room (2) $ 100,000
  • Classroom (3) $ 100,000
  • Hallway (3) $ 75,000
  • Faculty & Staff Offices (10) $ 50,000

Student Sponsorships

Sponsorships help young Armenians from vulnerable rural families, working women, and students with high past academic achievements to access an ICARE education. Annual costs of educating one student (the value of a sponsorship) are:

  • Master of Agribusiness Program $ 8,000 per year
  • Undergraduate Agribusiness Program $ 5,000 per year
  • Enology & Wine Business Program $ 3,500 per year

It is also possible to set up a named endowment to sponsor one student annually. For instance, a $200,000 named endowment would generate enough income to support one MAB student each year.

Other Needs

Contributions to the following needs help ICARE achieve student success:

  • Technology. To replace equipment and for renovation of classrooms.
  • Summer internships abroad can be costly, and support is needed for travel to the U.S. and Europe.
  • ICARE students participate in local and international research to strengthen their knowledge and skills; these funds help support students in this activity.