Webinar – Frontiers in Soil Biology and Soil Health Management

Humphrey Fellowship Program, ICARE Foundation,  and VISTAA Expert Center NGO are pleased to announce the “Frontiers in Soil Biology and Soil Health Management” online webinar. The webinar is going to provide information about the environmentally friendly methods of improving soil health and fertility, by having an interactive presentation and discussion with Cornell University (USA) faculty members.

Organizing parties

  • Humphrey Fellowship Program

This webinar is organized in support of The Alumni Impact Award (AIA) of the Humphrey Fellowship Program granted to Mr. Artak Khachatryan (who is alumni of Cornell University, 2019-2020). The Humphrey Fellowship Program provides ten months of non-degree academic study and related professional experiences in the United States. The Program offers Fellows valuable opportunities for leadership development and professional engagement with Americans, American Universities and their counterparts from many nations. The Humphrey Program is a Fulbright exchange activity. Its primary funding is provided by the U.S. Congress through the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State.

Web page: https://www.humphreyfellowship.org/

Place: USA

Humphrey Fellowship Program is the main sponsor for organization of this webinar.


ICARE Foundation is a research and education institution that aims to strategically contribute to the development of sustainable Agriculture in Armenia focusing on the environmental challenges and potential acts to overcome them.   Over the past 20 years, ICARE has contributed to evidence-based decision-making in Armenia through implementing cutting-edge research and development activities. ICARE’s has vast experience in cooperating with leading international organizations and governmental bodies providing them with strategic policy-making tools and application techniques. Due to its multilayer activities, ICARE aims to contribute to the social, economic, and environmental sustainability on national and regional levels thus positively affecting beneficiaries’ wellbeing.

Currently, ICARE is running a number of research and development projects including the “Cross-Border Alliance for Climate-Smart and Green Agriculture in the Black Sea Basin (AGREEN)” project within ENI CBC, Black Sea Cross Border Cooperation.

ICARE will be the partner organization for this webinar. ICARE will take care of the recruitment of participants and facilitation the local organization of the webinar.

Web page: www.icare.am

Place: Yerevan, Armenia


VISTAA is an Armenian organization established on the mixture of the best European business traditions and Armenian values. Established in 1996 with the initial purpose to strengthen the development of agricultural and environmental sectors of Armenia, VISTAA has grown to one of the longest serving business service providers specializing in different sectors of economy.

VISTAA employs the common values of economic development and successful leadership. They bring to the development of small business through relevant and constructive advice, valuable consultation and practical input. VISTAA offers a pool of experts with the best experience in the fields of VISTAA involvement in and out of the country, with the background in local, national and international projects.

VISTAA will be the partner organization for this webinar. VISTAA will take care of the language interpretation of the webinar. 

About the webinar topic

Soil biology has a very important influence on soil health, soil fertility, plant growth, soil structure, and carbon storage. The appropriate management of soil biodiversity plays a very crucial role in many aspects. Healthy soil produces healthy food and increases farming efficiency. Therefore, it is important to understand how to manage soil biology, what are the main components, and methods for appropriate management.

The webinar will be conducted by Dr. David Wolfe, who is a Professor of Plant and Soil Ecology in the School of Integrative Plant Science (Horticulture Section) at Cornell University. Primary research interests and expertise include soil and water conservation and management; plant stress physiology; and new tools for climate change adaptation and mitigation for managed and natural ecosystems.

Who, When and How to Apply?

Date of the course:  April 15, 2021 at 17:00-19:00

Location: Zoom online platform (link will be provided)

Course fees: Free of charge

Training language: English and Armenian (simultaneous translation)

Target audience: representatives from academia, farmers, agricultural specialists, students

Registration deadline:

To apply for the program, you need to fill out registration form։ https://forms.gle/vVP9fNisVaF3JZ5k7

For more detailed information please contact Anna Hovhannisyan, hovh.anna.isyan@gmail.com