Uncorking Armenia’s Wine Heritage: GuideMASTER 3 Unveils a Journey of Sip and Story

Embark on an extraordinary journey through Armenia’s rich wine history with the GuideMASTER 3 training program—a voyage that not only refines wine tourism but uncovers the ancient artistry of Armenian viticulture.

Dive deep into the soul of Armenia’s wine legacy with our immersive course that blends two different sections harmoniously together, including the history, art, and culture of wine, and the unveiling of ancient secrets of winemaking and viticulture. Led by maestro Ruben Hovsepyan, participants journey through time, exploring the origins of Armenian winemaking, rituals, and beliefs that are at the heart of our cultural heritage.

GuideMASTER isn’t just about textbooks; it’s about living and breathing history. Our participants will explore the “Historical Archaeological Reserve-Museum of Erebuni” breathing life into their studies. They also get the chance to visit the ancient Noravank monastery, where history whispers through the stones, because we believe that history is better learned in-person than through dusty old history books. 

This program isn’t just an education; it’s a symphony of the sensory system. Beyond classrooms, our participants get an in person experience of vineyards, wine regions, and cultural sites, to soak in the essence of Armenian wine. Those that have enrolled have already got their  first sip at Voskevaz Wine Factory, and got to hear the stories of the factory’s humble beginnings to its current day, large scale operations, which is a great way to familiarize yourselves with the rich history, flavor notes, and traditions of Armenian winemaking Industry leaders.

Implemented by the ICARE Foundation with the support of the “Development of the Private Sector and VET in the South Caucasus” program of the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ), which operates on behalf of the German government, and with the cooperation of the Tourism Committee of the Republic of Armenia and the ‘Vine and Wine’ Foundation of Armenia, we are raising a global collaborative toast to Armenia’s Wine culture and tourism across the globe.

This is why this course is not just to learn but to savor the heritage of this ancient artform . And for those of you who are passionate about wine, come and elevate your knowledge, refine your palate, and become a storyteller of Armenian wine. Let’s sip, swirl, and celebrate the artistry of Armenia’s liquid history together. Enroll Today to uncork tomorrow’s stories!