The Wine Map of Armenia and Artsakh

The Wine Map of Armenia and Artsakh

After last year’s success, the EVN Wine Academy team decided to update The Wine Map of Armenia and make it more appealing for wine lovers.

The Wine Map of Armenia and Artsakh 2022 can be found in wineries, wine bars, travel agencies, and tourist kiosks in the country! Additionally, wine guides are directly delivering the maps to their guests.

The idea behind the map.

This map is the first in Armenia of its kind, the concept is to familiarize the local and international guests with the wines and the wine regions of Armenia and Artsakh. The discovery of the Areni Cave 1 was undoubtedly one of the first steps to attracting wine tourists to Armenia. Numerous small and medium-scale wineries have opened ever since and the existing wineries have considerably improved the quality of their wines. Currently, 24 wineries in Armenia and Artsakh are represented on the map. All the wineries are either already open to the public or are due to open this year.

From lookers to bookers.

The location of the wineries on the map along with a brief and lively description of the wineries aims to make the reader visit these wineries. Also, the wineries are identified as small, medium, or large scale, so that the visitor knows what to expect. The major wine festivals in the country, some well-known and some captivating facts about wine are equally important sections of the Wine Map.

Two languages, thousands of readers.

Τhe Wine Map is available in English and Russian.

Take a look at it, share it through your network, and let everyone recognize Armenia as one of the best wine countries in the world.

Download the file below.