The solution is AGRISurvey

Efficient decisions in each spectrum of the economy should be based on accurate and comprehensive information.
Currently, it is particularly critical in agriculture, when we have the challenge to satisfy the increasing demand and construct policies essential for the well-being of the population without hunger.
However, the lack of proper national information makes this process far more complicated.
Developing countries do not conduct researches in a timely manner and, as a result, they face difficulties in encouraging investments, targeting programs and measure their progress.
In addition, countries fail to assess some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
In an attempt to fix those issues of scarce and inappropriate data, Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) is working with countries to implement the AGRISurvey, which a high-quality and cost-efficient tool to acquire data for its agricultural sector.
The AGRIS method was developed under the framework of the Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics in 2016-2017.

Under this program, participants from 4 marzes of RA are being trained by the specialist of ICARE Foundation and after the project, they will be able to apply the “interviewer “and  “manager” appendices of “Survey Solution” software.
The objective of the AGRISurvey program is accelerating and refining the collection of data on Agricultural Production as well as improving the environmental, socioeconomic and technical directions of agricultural holdings with technical assistance and training aimed to implement an integrated system of Agricultural surveys.
The AGRISurvey program is supported by a global coalition that includes a number of FAO member states, international development institutions, and private sector organizations, all focused on the common goal of achieving sustainable national data systems that provide high quality and timely agricultural data.