Tender invitation for the provision of computer equipment

ICARE Foundation hereby announces a tender for the procurement of computer equipment within the scope of the “Mapping of Grassland Extent, Condition, and Biomass in Armenia” project funded by the GIZ local subsidy.

The applicants should submit the following information:

1. The details and descriptions of the equipment
2. The price for each equipment separately and the total price for provision.

The equipment should meet the following qualifications and conditions

Item Quantity Minimum Requirements
Computer 1 – Case 800W PSU, Core i7 10700 10th gen., S400 Cooler, Ram 32Gb 2x16Gb 3200MHz, SSD 480Gb, – –         HDD 2Tb, DVD RW, dedicated graphics 8Gb․ Keyboard and Mouse
–  Warranty  –  At least one year
Screen 1 Matrix type – IPS:
Diagonal line – 24 ”
Resolution – At least 1920×1080
Contrast – At least 25,000: 1
Port type – VGA, DVI, HDMI, AUDIO
Number of colors – at least 16 million
Warranty – At least one year
External storage  Device 2 2 TB,  USB 3.0Warranty – at least 1 year

The provision of the equipment should be completed within 5 days after signing the agreement

Procedure for submitting tender applications.

  1. Documents for the tender application must be submitted in a sealed and closed envelope.
  2. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the applications will be accepted only on November 20 from 10 AM – 1 PM, 2020. Applications must be submitted to :

ICARE Foundation
74 Teryan Street, Yerevan, 0010, Armenia
Tel: (374 95) 54-51-60

Bids opening day 

The review of the applications will be launched on November  20, at 3 PM, 2020. Participants can attend the bid opening ceremony

The procedure for selecting the winner of the tender:

The winner of the tender will be selected in accordance with the above-mentioned criteria considering the total minimum price.