“Wine weeks in Armenia” Summer School program


Program Dates

July 15 – July 30, 2019.

The Wine Weeks In Armenia program at ICARE / EVN Wine Academy is an exclusive opportunity to immerse into the Historic World of Wine, join the young and enthusiastic team of wine professionals who are making a change in wine education sector of Armenia. Winemaking started in Armenia at least 6100 years ago and the country is now living the years of wine industry renaissance. Learning and sharing your knowledge in Armenian wine is a lifetime experience!

What to Study

A Certificate will be awarded upon completion of the Wine Weeks in Armenia summer school program.

  • Wine Business
  • Short Masterclass – Intro to Armenian Wine.
  1. Wine Business: The objective of this course is to provide students with a broad view of the global wine market and its developments for a better understanding of a need for customer orientation. Further in the context of the wine business, a general understanding of strategic management and internationalization is taught. The course is designed to equip students with practical skills to plan the entry to an international market.
  2. Short masterclass – Introduction to Armenian Wines: This 2-day course covers history, traditions, and modern trends of Armenian wines and winemaking. 
    – Lecture 1: Armenian wine history: from Neolithic times to the Soviet era. Armenian wine regions: Armenia proper and Artsakh. Armenian winemaking traditions: from karas to stainless steel. Armenian wines: Sparkling and White.
    – Lecture 2: Armenian wine history: Soviet-era to modern times. Armenian wine regions: Armenian Highland (Eastern Turkey, Iran) and the Historic World. Armenian wines: Reds, Reserves and Fortified Wines. Armenian wines: Future in the global market.
    Each lecture is followed by a tasting of selected Armenian wines.

What to Experience

The Wine Weeks In Armenia program includes three-day trips along the main wine routes of Armenia. The traditional Armenian dining experience is complimentary for each trip.


TRIP 1 – SOUTH.  Tour to Vayots Dzor region and visiting the Areni-1 cave where the earliest known winery in the world has been unearthed. Tours in Areni 1 CaveHin Areni Winery, Trinity Canyon Vineyards,

TRIP 2 – NORTH.  Tour to Aragatsotn region and visiting Armenia WineArmAs , and Voskevaz wineries.

TRIP 3 – WEST.  Tour to Armavir region and visiting Karas Winery with 500 ha vineyards planted with more than 25 European varieties. Visit to Zvartnots Cathedral.

Program Fee

315 000 AMD (equivalent to 650 USD). This fee covers all academic activities, transport for the 3 trips, all meals during 3 trips, all tickets for cultural sites during the 3 trips, airport transfers, and full administrative support from ICARE. 10% Early Bird discount is available.




Jon Hanf

Wine Business

Ph.D. in Agriculture and Food Economics, Justus-Liebig-University, Germany

  • Ph.D. in Agriculture and Food Economics, Justus-Liebig-University, Germany
  • Professor of International Marketing Management, Head of Wine Economics Programs at Geisenheim University, Germany

Artem Parseghyan

Wine Fundamentals, Sensory Evaluation

  • MS in Viticulture and Enology, Geisenheim University, Germany
  • Chief Winemaker at Trinity Canyon Vineyards


The admission deadline is May 15, 2019. To apply, click here. 


Accommodation is not included in the program fee. Our team will readily help to find the best deal from countless options available at major online reservation platforms, including Booking and AirBNB.


There are plenty of modern dining spots around downtown and many options to order food online. The cost of meals during trip days is included in the program fee.

Airplane ticket

Depending on the departure city, transit country and flights, the roundtrip airplane fare from the U.S. to Armenia is estimated to be around 1,100 USD. Roundtrip tickets from Europe may cost around 350 Euros.


Polina Avetisyan

Summer School 2019 participant

Paris, France

“Learning about wine is fun! — this is what I concluded from my recent trip to Armenia. This summer 2019 was indeed a memorable one, as I had the privilege to attend the Wine Weeks program in Armenia. During these two weeks, I discovered the vast world of the wine industry. The program offered to me more than I wished for : from captivating lectures on wine business to visiting extraordinary vineyards in the beautiful Armenian land. One of the most memorable moments was to attend lectures of Professor Hanf, from Geisenheim University in Germany, thanks to whom I understood that it is important to find unique trait in order for your business to outstanding and survive on the global market. This program is so rich in events and useful information, that I wouldn’t change anything. The only thing I regret is that the time flew by so fast”.


Mkrtich Harutyunyan

Summer School 2019 participant

Lisbon, Portugal

“The Wine Weeks in Armenia program at ICARE / EVN Wine Academy was a great opportunity for me to join the young and enthusiastic team of wine professionals. I got an opportunity to analyze and understand Armenian and global wine business, how to create a niche market and their application for wine consumer segmentation, to discuss marketing strategy implications. Our amazing wine tours and weekly blind-tastings fuelled my aspiration to further myself in this field. During my “wine internship,” I also got an opportunity to do a small research on the subject related to “Certification of Armenian Organic Agriculture and Vineyards”, where I got acquainted with new technologies and analysis methods in my research frameworks. A uniquely interactive and collaborative process on the real time between students and Professors”.