In October 2021 EVN Wine Academy students had been given an amazing opportunity to have a study visit to the Kakheti wine region in Georgia. This visit was for the first time this year, but it has already been included in our curriculum and will be a mandatory component of the annual course for each year. During the tour we traveled more than 1200 km in three days through the wine regions of Georgia, we visited 8 wineries. Our trip allowed for an immersive learning experience in wine regions such as Kakheti, Kvareli, and Sighnaghi. Our students had an opportunity to taste incredible wines, typical to the regions, they have tasted at least 25 different Georgian wines made in qvevries with European methods. The students of the academy also made a study visit to qvevri pottery, saw how Georgians have been making their famous clay jars.

We also had experts that shared educational insights that deepened their understanding of the region and its wines. One of our experts was David Chichua, Director at Institute for Viticulture and Oenology, Agricultural University of Georgia. David Chichua welcomed us at the Giuaani Winery and he organized a great study tour for our students. They have seen and experienced things as students in ways that those who only study textbooks don’t. Our educational wine tours go beyond regular “tourist” wine tours and focus on hands-on educational experiences that provide our students with unparalleled access to information, winery, and vineyards visits and knowledge.

Our tours are carefully crafted to be educational at every step. During our visits, we stayed in hotels located in the heart of the regions, enjoyed educational wine tastings in top wineries such as Giuaani Winery, Kindzmarauli Corporation’s Winery at Kvareli, Gio’s Marani wine cellar, etc. We visited the vineyards to gain an understanding of terroir, viticulture, and the natural influences that impact a wine’s style, quality, and price. Of course, we also dined on some of the most delicious local cuisines in some of the most beautiful places. We also had a city tour in Tbilisi where we visited Khareba winery, Chateau Mukhrani, and other amazing places. And it’s all in an educational, fun and exciting atmosphere! Our educational tours are designed for the passional EVN Wine Academy students, whether they be professionals or enthusiasts.