Study visit by Abkhaz State University faculty

ICARE Deputy Director Susanna Mezhlumyan and Development Director Arthur Grigoryan received special guests, a group of faculty members from the Abkhaz State University within the scope of the study trip initiated by the Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF) Armenia in collaboration with UNDP-Georgia. Management and administration of ATC as a modern educational institution, student recruitment, career development opportunities and much more were addressed, with methodology of English language instruction being the highlight of the visit. Steven Donatelle, Professor of Business English and Technical Writing, provided a broad picture of how we prepare ANAU junior students to overcome the language barrier on their way to becoming ATC students and then how they become proficient in English. Further cooperation with Mr. Donatelle will be important for the ASU colleagues who are establishing a Language Learning Center at ASU through the support of UNDP. Given UNDP’s goodwill and the level of English proficiency demonstrated by most of our guests, the new Language Center will definitely meet the growing needs of teaching and learning English at ASU and in Abkhazia overall. Towards the end of the visit, the guests were pleased to taste Van Ardi and Areni Getnatun wines at the EVN Wine Academy’s Tasting Room.