Student Success

ICARE’s primary focus is academic activity, carried out through the Agribusiness Teaching Center (the Undergraduate Agribusiness Program and the Master of Agribusiness Program) and through the EVN Wine Academy (the Enology & Wine Business Program).

Excellence in teaching and student success are reached through:

  • a student-centered environment
  • a highly qualified faculty
  • innovative educational methods
  • academia-industry partnerships
  • effective quality assurance mechanisms

As of June 2017, ICARE has matriculated 448 highly qualified graduates from the Undergraduate Agribusiness (UAB) Program, 92 top-class graduates from the Master of Agribusiness (MAB) Program, and 33 well-prepared graduates of the Enology and Wine Business Program.

These graduates receive salaries that are from 2 to 2.5 times higher than what graduates from comparable programs receive, while nine percent of ICARE graduates are entrepreneurs working in Armenia. In fact, 81% of ICARE graduates currently live and work in Armenia. Graduates have a 92% job placement within six months after graduation.

ICARE provides a life-transforming experience to its students. Following are just some of the career paths of 500+ ICARE alumni: Brand Manager, Megafood, Armenia; Post Dr. Associate, Cornell University, USA; Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Armenia; Agricultural Advisor, USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, Georgia; Tax Senior, Ernst and Young, USA; Business Cycle Manager, Carrefour MAF, Armenia; Research Economist, Agricultural and Food Policy Center, TX, USA; Marketing and R&D officer, Kverneland Group, Germany; Assistant Professor, University of Florida, USA; Senior Tax Inspector, State Revenue Committee of Armenia; Program Coordinator, AYB Learning Hub, Armenia; Assistant Professor, University of Sydney, Australia; Founding Director,, Armenia; Community Manager, Everplaces, Denmark; Accounting and Control Manager, HSBC Bank Armenia CJSC, Armenia; Branch Manager, HSBC Bank Armenia; Field Operations Manager, UNIDO, Armenia; Founder, Leelit Survey System, Armenia; Program Office, CNFA, Washington D.C., USA; Founding Partner, InVino Wine Club, Armenia; Internal Auditor, Central bank of Armenia, Armenia; MBA Program Director, Grenoble Ecole De Management, Georgia; Chief Winemaker, Getnatun Winery, Armenia; Project Coordinator, SFEWRA Project, USAID PEER, Armenia; Business Development Project Manager, CARD Foundation, Armenia…

Ruzanna Kartashyan: “The MAB program of ICARE gave me the latest knowledge in finance, marketing and project management as well as the professional confidence to make business forecast and informed production and marketing decisions. The business, just established by my husband who is a lawyer and myself, a biologist, desperately needed the qualified business specialist that I am now.”

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