“Strengthening the Horticulture in Armenia” online training program has successfully been finished

We are excited to announce that the  “Strengthening the Horticulture in Armenia” online training program has successfully been finished. The purpose of the “Strengthening the Horticulture in Armenia” program is to contribute to the development of the horticulture sector in Armenia through sharing Dutch knowledge and best practices with professionals and students. The program also contributes to addressing the lack of knowledge of growers and students in this sector.
The project is implemented through close cooperation with Delphy, which is the largest global commercial service provider in the field of cultivation and production-related knowledge for food and flowers. It has proven to transfer and disseminate their knowledge effectively among all the people who are eager to learn much more about the Dutch expertise in the horticulture sector.

We have 17 graduates who will have a big impact on the development of the horticulture sector in Armenia. Our graduates have received theoretical and practical knowledge concerned with the horticulture sector and shared by qualified specialists from Armenia and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
We organized a graduation ceremony at the ICARE Foundation and we hosted the Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Armenia Nicolaas Jacob Schermers.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Arthur Grigoryan had a short speech. ”Good afternoon honored guests. Congratulations! We’ve done it, all the hard work has finally paid off. I am honored to stand before you today and reflect on our collective journey in this program. Now we are all here to celebrate our triumphs, our achievements, our victories, and the journey on which we have all embarked toward our future destinations.
First, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Armenia Nicolaas Jacob Schermers for this excellent cooperation. I would also like to thank Mrs. Anna Hovhannisyan and Ms. Ani Asatryan for their continuous hard work. I also express my gratitude to all the graduates,  academic and supporting staff. Without your support, we would not have made it to this point in life”.

Mr. Jacob Schermers started his speech in Armenian which was very impressive. He mentioned that he mentioned that this was very productive cooperation for them as well. He is sure that there are a lot of things which both countries can develop together especially in the field of Agriculture. He also thinks that there will be many interesting opportunities for cooperation with the ICARE Foundation.

Lotte Demmink, project manager from Delphy joined via Zoom and she shared some interesting information about the program and she also mentioned the importance and productivity of this partnership.

Two of the graduates of the program also shared their excitement about the program and they were very thankful for the opportunity.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Nicolaas Jacob Schermers, Dr. Arthur Grigoryan, and Mrs. Anna Hovhannisyan gave certificates to the graduates of the program.