Reveal all the secrets about wine with EVN

Where else can you know all the secrets about wine and raise the passion for it, if not at EVN Wine Academy?! It is an institution where I am enriching my knowledge in the wine industry from the very beginning of the production, which is the works in vineyards up to bottling and sales. Knowledge and skills acquired through the studies at EVN are important assets while achieving my long-term goal of contributing to the development of Armenia’s one of the most prospective branches of Agriculture. There are some certain things that make EVN Academy precious and unique among all other suchlike institutions. First of all, you are taught winemaking and wine business by experts, who are engaged in the teaching process in line with their practical field involvement. They share their knowledge and experience abundant with interactive methods that make me even more enthusiastic about my career choice and learning process. Secondly, EVN has adopted such a different educational system stressed on practice-based learning. During our studies, we are having more than many field trips and internship opportunities, which enable us to observe the practical application of the theories learned in the classrooms. What I also like the most about EVN and ICARE, in general, is a pleasant and friendly atmosphere makes studying even more joyful and after all, we become a large family.

It is worth mentioning that my ultimate goal is to become an expert in the wine industry with practical and theoretical knowledge in order to fill the gap of experienced specialists in the Armenian wine market and to boost Armenian wine production in the international market. To my big regret, nowadays Armenian wines have a low market share at an international level. Despite that, Armenian wines have huge potential to prosper and gradually become a worldwide remarkable brand. I strongly believe that soon Armenia will be recognized in the world as a leader in this specific area and to achieve this we need to manage our available resources wisely. Undoubtedly, Armenia will be a prominent wine destination in a few decades.
To overcome all challenges, there is a need for continually evolving literate experts with networking skills and a broader understanding of the international wine market. In this context, I do believe that studying at the EVN Wine Academy is an excellent opportunity for me. I am confident that my experience at EVN is extremely useful for my future accomplishments.