RE-ANNOUNCEMENT: Call to Participate in the International Conference and Piloting Training

RE-ANNOUNCEMENT: Call to Participate in the International Conference and Piloting Training


Note for applicants

Please be informed, that due to changes of the events’ date, ICARE is re-announcing this call for external stakeholders, for the following 2 Lots:


Lot 2: International Business Conference on Models and Best Practices for Climate-Smart Agriculture in the BSB (Activity A.T2.3)

Lot 3: Organization of an international training session “Entrepreneurship for CSA in the BSB” (Activity A.T4.2


The changes of the dates are the following:

  Old Dates New Dates
Lot 2 October 2022 22-23.03.2023
Lot 3 End of August – Beginning of September 22-24.11.2022


All eligible participant who has already submitted complete applications with the old dates, will be automatically included in the applicants’ list for the new dates by the organizers.

Other interested persons, who haven’t submitted applications for the previous dates but are interested in the events with the new dates, are welcome to submit their applications.



Call to Participate in the International Conferences and Piloting Training

Deadline: 15.08.2022

Call description and application terms

ICARE Foundation announces a call for external stakeholders (see Profile of the participants’ sections) to participate in the international events in the framework of the AGREEN / BSB-1135 project.

Please also be advised, that some details in the call description are indicative and may be adjusted along with the project implementation and also based on the technical administration.

The call has 2 Lots. Each applicant can submit applications for all 2 Lots but may be selected to participate in only one international event.

Please also note, that neither the Program nor the Project nor ICARE Foundation is anyhow obliged to select your application or cover any expenses made for submitting an application.

Please also note, that in case you are selected, the Project will cover the airfare and local accommodation (hotel and meals), in some cases the participants might be requested to cover local transportation, PCR test, and visa expenses.

Regarding the application form: Please be informed that the application process may take some time (20-40 minutes), hence make sure you have dedicated the necessary amount of time to complete and submit it before the deadline: 15.08.2022, 18:00 am ATM

Open for permanent residents of Armenia (

The eligible persons are invited:

1) to submit their complete filled-out application with the following link:

2) and send their most recent CV in English to