New Enthusiasts in the Greenhouse Industry

Lilit Melikyan is one of the participants of the 10-day training program within the scope of the state-funded “Establishment of Small and Medium-Size Greenhouses” program.

In the short talk with ICARE Foundation, she shared her thoughts and opinion on the training and its results.
“Regardless of all the doubts on the effectiveness related to the online format of the classes, all my expectations were met. We received abundant information on the technical solutions of the greenhouses, which will support us in our future undertakings of establishing greenhouses”, says Lilit.

Obviously, there would be additional information which they would need, but she was sure that she could approach the professors and instructors anytime, who are always happy to share their knowledge and skills with them.

Lilit mentions, that the training was extremely effective and applicable if someone is ready to make one more step in the greenhouse sector in Armenia.

Remember that you can be a part of this program, which is implemented by the Ministry of Economy. Interested candidates should apply to the Ministry of Economy and after reviewing their applications, the documents will be forwarded to the ICARE Foundation and we will contact the applications for further details.