Internship Opportunity at MAquaponics LLC: Agronomist

Agronomist – Aquaponic Greenhouse Operator Paid Internship

MAquaponics LLC is offering a position of agronomist in a controlled environment agriculture the aquaponic system in the village of Ddmashen, Gegharkunik marz.

Job Purpose:

Plan, organize, implement and manage day-to-day operations required for the smooth and efficient operation of a greenhouse. Included are the directing, controlling, and coordinating activities of workers engaged in working and/or participating in greenhouse activities to include propagating, cultivating, and harvesting horticultural specialties, including but not limited to trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants.

Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
● Inspect the greenhouse structure and equipment daily to ensure its proper functioning.
Perform basic structural and maintenance repairs.
● Visually inspect all grow beds and NFTs daily for possible infestations, mildews, fungi,
etc, and take immediate steps to mitigate such problems.
● Visually inspect fish for bacterial or fungal infestations and take immediate steps to
mitigate such problems.
● Ensure monitoring of water for pH, ammonia, dissolved oxygen, and other levels are
completed according to greenhouse operation SOPs.
● Create a seed-to-harvest schedule for the plants to be grown in the greenhouse.
● Maintaining a clean and sanitary work environment.
● Manage day-to-day activities of greenhouse workers to ensure timely completion of
planned activities.
● Create and communicate all scheduled activities.
● Co-create, monitor and report on all scientific/plant experiments
● Nurture a work culture that fosters safety, health, and cleanliness.
● Ensure that all work is performed in a professional manner, to a high degree of
professional standards.
● Identify potential issues that could be a cause for delays and impediments to product
● Maintain daily paperwork such as fish feeding times and amounts, seeding and harvest
schedules, daily checklists, area of concern, schedule updates, email correspondence
and any required written reports.

● Education and experience include
● Previous experience in practical agronomy, both theoretical and practical
● Student-in-good standing at educational institute
● Skills and work-related knowledge include:
● Proficiency with tools of the trade.
● Familiarity with basic repair and maintenance.
● Fluency in English, both written and oral (Intern will be working with aquaponic
specialist from the US)

Working Conditions
● MAquaponics will provide/pay for transportation to and from Ddmashen.
● Overnight stays, when required, will be provided by MAquaponic management. Greenhouse climate with high humidity and steady airflow.
● Working around fish, handling of fish, and harvesting of fish.
● Ability to work around any plant types (no allergies)
● Standing, kneeling, squatting & lifting materials.

Other Considerations:
● Potential to advance to a full-time position as Greenhouse Manager, dependent upon job
● Internship salary to be discussed upon the second interview.
● CV and Letters of Recommendation are suggested.

If interested, please contact us at