ICARE Welcomed Junior Students of EVN Wine Academy

This is a week that we have to mark on our calendars since our family has been expanded by another generation, change-makers, and people who should be driving force of the Armenian economy.
ICARE administration, faculty, and staff are thrilled to welcome freshmen of EVN Wine Academy, who have decided to take their path in a sector, which becomes more and more attractive for everyone.
Day by day we witness an increasing number of magazines and journals, which tell about Armenian Wine and its history.  The latest article was released by Forbes, which is the most popular and authoritative business magazine in the world (Click HERE to read the full article).
Forbes represented Armenia as a “6,100-year-old winery—the earliest ever discover on earth” and mentioned our descendants, which have been sipping fermented grape juice for millennia.

Forbes has also emphasized the modern winemaking trends and changes due to youth, who have pursued their goals in winemaking. We are proud that our students have found their dream jobs in prestigious wineries of Armenia or have their own wine brand!
EVN Wine Academy will suit juniors with up-to-date knowledge and within these 18 months, we will offer many exciting opportunities for them to develop their talents and skills in preparation for the future in winemaking and wine business.

We are sure that studying at EVN Wine academy will be one of the most enjoyable and wonderful journeys of their lifetime along with solid knowledge necessary for them to proceed.