Greenhouse Crop Production and Management program


The goal of the Greenhouse Crop Production and Management program is to prepare (train) specialists-agronomists that will be well aware of plant cultivation modern techniques and highly informed of marketing and management best practices. The program is designed to prepare future specialists with good knowledge in modern greenhouse structures, advanced technologies used in this type of greenhouses, resources and materials applied in production, greenhouse microclimate control systems, plant physiology and plant protection. Graduates of the program will learn about pests and diseases common to Armenian greenhouses and will further be able to identify if there is a problem with a plant and take preventive measures. Upon completion of the course, future specialists will be able to effectively manage borrowed funds and carry out all the activities needed for the successful implementation of greenhouse production and marketing. In addition to this graduates will understand HR MGMT and acquire necessary leadership skills for successful supervision of greenhouse team.

Greenhouse Crop Production and Management (GCPM) is a 10-month program composed of 10 modules:

 Types of greenhouses
 Greenhouse construction works
 Greenhouse environment safety

 Greenhouse environment control
 The basics of greenhouse operations
 The basics of hydroponic greenhouse operations

 Introduction to plant physiology
 Modern technology of greenhouse crop cultivation
 Basics of plant protection
 Greenhouse business management

Course Credits per ECTS SystemThe course includes 241 hours of classroom and practical classes.
Course participants will be assigned individual works as well.
The course is equivalent to 20 credits of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). After completion of the course, the participants will pass the qualifying exam.
86 hours of practical assignments will be held in preselected hydroponic and closed ground greenhouses.

Greenhouse industry plays a significant role in the development of Agriculture in Armenia. Although development patterns of this sector are quite promising, the greenhouses in Armenia still face many concerning issues and the lack of highly qualified is among the urgent issues.