Graduation Commencement – 2021

On June 30, ICARE/ATC was full of joy and chitchats of fresh graduates, the ones that redefine how we should live, learn, and move forward. ICARE is honored to be part of the experience of its alumni and celebrate this great milestone together.

Now, we can certainly state ICARE/ATC Family has a new group of innovators, impactful leaders, and thinkers for the future of local and global communities. Over years we have witnessed their passions, perseverance, and motivation to achieve more and more for dignity and prosperity.  Although the last academic year was full of challenges, they never got confused, continued to work diligently with enthusiasm and patience for a bright future.

The graduation commencement is one of our beloved events in the year because we know that those who graduated do not just leave us, but they always upgrade their knowledge and skills with the purpose of coming back either as a faculty or staff member, business partner, or just a good friend.

It is the day to celebrate how knowledge unites everyone as a community with the purpose to make the world a better place.

The day started with preparation activities, where everyone from faculty to students made their contributions.

The ceremony began at 12:30 with the opening speech of Mr. Artur Matevosyan, Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture, and Sport. Mr. Matevosyan highlighted the role of the Agribusiness Teaching Center as a unique educational institution especially for Armenia as an agrarian country. He mentioned how this project successfully equips youngsters with the most advanced skills granting them an opportunity of 95% job placement, which is an exceptional indicator.

“When we established ATC, it was just meant to be a small project, but now it is a world-class education provider” – mentioned John. G. Allelo, Mission Director of USAID Armenia. In fact, USAID Armenia has tremendous support and contribution in establishing ATC for Armenia and beyond.

Deputy Minister of Economy Mr. Arman Khojoyan, who is also an ATC Graduate, emphasized the role of ATC from the perspective of economic benefits due to its multiple development projects for the Agribusiness industry.

The Rector of ANAU, Mr. Vardan Urutyan, talked about the development of ATC over the last 21 years, highlighting its success due to the student-oriented activities.

ICARE/ATC Director Mr. Arthur Grigoryan added how the institution supports students in attaining practical business experience through infrastructure development. The recently owned practical learning center of ICARE, Eco Farm,  located in the outskirts of Yerevan, is ready to serve students to implement their most challenging projects. Starting from Spring 2022, the current students and graduates will be able to present their ideas and get funding to implement them right in the Eco Farm.  This will certainly empower students for generating new and viable ideas.

The commencement continued with traditional cap throwing and gift sharing. ICARE/ATC gifted its students, professors, and other guests a basket of apricots from Eco Farm and student-made wines of EVN Wine Academy.

Once again, we congratulate our new graduates on this big achievement and wish them a career boost.