Fruit Production Sector Development Project in Armenia (FRUITENIA)

Period of performance: 01.12.2019 – 30.11.2023
Funding Organization: Austrian Development Agency 

The FRUITENIA project is designed to modernize the agronomy curricula, through introducing new courses and modernizing the contents of the existing ones at ANAU to include concepts of environmentally friendly, sustainable and climate-smart modern fruit production approaches. The project will conduct Training of Trainers (ToT) for ANAU and TVETs instructors to develop the capacity of the teaching staff. A short-term professional certificate program in fruit production will be established at ANAU for the fruit-producing farmers, instructors, and students. The project will establish an environmentally friendly and climate-smart demonstration orchard of intensive fruit production, which will be used for educational purposes. The appropriate equipment will be provided for the smooth operation of the orchard. Moreover, the project will develop and launch a fruit production-related e-learning open-access platform in the Armenian language that will be accessible to all fruit production stakeholders including farmers, students, ANAU and TVET faculty, experts, etc. Finally, the project will organize a Youth Camp to raise awareness about the importance and opportunities for fruit production in Armenia among youth.

Stakeholder Committee of the FRUITENIA project

Terms of Reference for Fruit Production Sector Development Project in Armenia (FRUITENIA) External Audit Services

Baseline Assessment Of Fruit Production Sector “Fruitenia” Project  (Ներբեռնել հայերենը)