Internship Program

The 4-week Internship Program begins after courses end in August. Students are able to fulfill the internship requirements during the two-month break from regular classes from September to November. The objective is to provide students an opportunity to acquire practical experience in winemaking. Students will be placed at internship sites throughout Armenia or internationally. They acquire an integrated view of the wine business and production process, and get involved in operations at each department for practical application of theory learned in the classroom. The Internship program is a chance for future job opportunities. Prior to the assignment to a particular company, a student can fill out an application form and express preference for certain experiences, however the final confirmation is done by the EVN Wine Academy.

The EVN Internship Coordinator will collaborate with companies and overview development of the internship. Representatives of a company may interview a student before final approval for the internship. The Company Internship Supervisor will create the environment necessary for the interns to acquire practical knowledge, as well as to deepen theoretical knowledge. This person will also supervise interns’ day-to-day activities.

Internship requirements:

  • Prior to start of the internship, each student is requires to fill out, read, understand, and sign the Internship Contract download here EVN Internship Contract.
  • Spend four weeks working in the assigned business. Students must work the hours required by the organization, conforming to the normal work hours.
  • Support the employer, keep the employer’s business confidential as needed, and work for the employer’s best interests.

What an internship is not:

An industry internship is not a part-time job. It is a type of a specialized work experience, designed to provide students with “real world” application of their growing knowledge in the field of winemaking. That is, internships should utilize the concepts and principles from courses attended. EVN Internship Coordinator carefully monitors the interns’ attendance and the internship credit may not be earned if attendance schedule to the internship site is not well-respected.

Upon completion of the internship:

  • The Company Internship Supervisor will write an evaluation letter of the interns’ overall progress.
  • Students submit an internship report within 2 weeks after the end of the internship.
  • Students conduct a PowerPoint presentation to their fellow students and the evaluation committee of EVN Wine Academy.

Internship report:

The internship report describes in details the intern’s activities during the internship, and what knowledge and experience he/she gained from the internship. There is a uniform standard for writing an internship report. The report must meet the following standards: 10 pages (the cover page and appendixes are not included), a cover page, 1.5 spaced text, Times New Roman font, text size 12, margins 3x2x2x1.5, graphs, tables, and large photos must be placed in appendixes, unless they are miscellaneous.

The Report should be divided into the following sections:
1. Current operations of the company (about 3 pages) – includes information about products/services, external and internal environments, competition, company’s management structure, quality control, technology, and marketing strategy.
2. Student’s role in the company (about 5 pages) – how the student participated in the operations of the firm, what were their obligations/responsibilities during the internship period, in which processes the student participated, in which departments the student spent most of their time, what was their contribution to the firm, if they were working in a particular team, what was the student’s daily work, what they liked the most and the least.
3. Future development suggestions (about 2 pages) – in this part of the report should be described suggestions for developing the company: management model, marketing approach, technological processes, logistics, sales mechanisms, etc.  
4. PowerPoint presentation – the presentation is expected to last for about 15 minutes during which students are asked to briefly present their internship report and they experience in the company. 

The overall internship score is comprised of the following sections:

– internship report 40%,

– the PowerPoint  presentation 30%,

– evaluation of the company supervisor 30%

The internship reports will be read and evaluated by the EVN staff and be carefully compared with the similar works done before (previous internship reports, other sources). Any noticed plagiarism will be strictly punished up to considering the internship as failure. The Company Internship Supervisor can review the report to avoid any confidential information.


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