Enology and Wine Business Program

Application Process 

         Prospective Students:

  1. Students that have completed at least their first two years of bachelor studies, preferably in agricultural, economic, or technology curricula
  2. Specialists from colleges related to the wine industry or wine making
  3. Students with a bachelors degree or higher, including backgrounds unrelated to wine


         Application Package:
⁃ Completed application
⁃ Copy of passport of Nation ID Card
⁃ A 3×4 head shot
⁃ Copy of the student record book (if the applicant is currently studying at any university)
⁃ Supporting documents (certificates, letters of recommendation)
All applicants must be proficient in English to study in the EVN Wine Academy.


         Admission Process:
⁃ Submit application package
⁃ Pass admission interview
⁃ Pass a 3-month preparatory program covering Advanced English, Technical English, Wine chemistry and microbiology. The preparatory program begins in mid-October.
The admission committee reviews each application, and the selection process is carried out at each step.

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