The Enology and Wine Business Certificate Program offered jointly by EVN Wine Academy and Geisenheim University (Germany) provides a professional specialization with intensive on-the-job training in winemaking and wine business.

This 18-month curriculum is taught in English and is interactive between the international instructors, students, and wine experts. National and international internships at wineries, study trips, and several workshops. Classes are conducted from two to four times a week in the evenings, starting from 6:30 p.m. The student internships last for 4 weeks within the September-October period.

Students complete eleven modules and an internship to prepare for a professional career in the wine industry. Upon graduation, students receive a certificate from EVN Wine Academy, Geisenheim University, and Armenian National Agrarian University.

Main Modules

– Introduction to Enology
– Viticulture
– Wine Chemistry
– Wine Microbiology
– Wine Sensory Evaluation
– Wine Production
– Wine Business
– Winery Sanitation
– Winery Management
– Winery Equipment
– Wine Marketing and Tourism 

Industry Internship (4 weeks)

Tuition Fee

Total cost for the entire program is 3,500 USD however for the cohort of 2019-2020 academic year applicants, the tuition fee is subsidized thanks to the generous support of EVN Wine Academy donors and is now 460,000 AMD for the entire program.


Prospective Students can be:

  • Students who completed at least their first two years of bachelor studies, preferably in agricultural, economics, or technology curricula;
  • Specialists from colleges related to the wine industry or winemaking;
  • Students with a Bachelor’s degree or a higher degree, including those with backgrounds unrelated to wine.

Application Package:

  • Completed Application for Admission (Download here: Application for Admission, or pick up at the Admissions Office of EVN Wine Academy);
  • Diplomas and transcripts from all universities attended (1 copy of each);
  • A copy of a passport or a national ID Card;
  • Two 3×4 photos;
  • Copy of the student record book if the applicant is currently studying at a university (ստուգարքային գրքույկ).

Admission Process:

  • Submit the application package;
  • Pass the admission interview.

The Admissions Committee reviews each application, and the selection process is carried out at each step.

The application package must be submitted to the EVN Wine Academy Admissions Office by sending to the email or hand deliver to:

Anna Mkhitaryan, Programs Manager, EVN Wine Academy

Address:  74 Teryan Street, 0009 Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:     +37410 587 957 (ext. 32)

E-mail:     anna.m@icare.am

Important documentation for current students of Enology and Wine Business Program:

Teaching Policy Manual

Honesty Policy

“This unique program creates the new generation of Armenian winemakers and wine business people. This program is the product of outstanding cooperation between the Geisenheim University, the ICARE/EVN, and the Armenian National Agrarian University.”
     Prof. Dr. Jon Hanf
     Head of all Wine Business Programs
     Geisenheim University, Germany