EVN Wine Academy students successfully completed their internship.

Enhancing theoretical knowledge through practical implementation is a key process. At the EVN Wine Academy, we place a strong emphasis on hands-on lessons and field visits.

The four-week production internship, which runs from September to October, provides students with the chance to apply their theoretical knowledge, learn new skills, and interact with accomplished professionals in their industry. Both the student and the Wine Academy provide practice places.
This year, our students conducted their production internships in the following places where they participated in the various stages of wine production: Karas Wines CJSC, Jraghatspanyan Winery LLC, Fattoria della Aiola Societa Agricola, and Trinity Winery.

Nancy Soulian, an EVN Wine Academy student, shares her internship experience with us.

“And “the dream came true.” I had the best experience of my life for a whole month in Karas Wines, where I accomplished my internship with EVN. There,  I witnessed the magical process of the grapes in wine making, staring from the vineyards and ending the wine in bottles.Our mornings at the winery were the best; once you are there, you can’t skip the feeling of all the reactions happening inside. The curiosity of the new harvest arriving is the main aim; once it’s there, everyone is excited and ready to go. From destemming to crushing and filling the tanks, which was very satisfying, to macerating the must and fermenting it, it is a different story watching the magic happen and following each step of it in detail. Monitoring each day, the process continues until the last sugar content of the alcoholic fermentation, then the malolactic fermentation is ready to go, not forgetting the laboratory work and the results we measured for the accuracy of the wine process.During my journey, I had the chance to work in all the parts of the production lines with the assistance of the best people in the Karas team. I was impressed by the collective work, professionalism, and accuracy of every single member, in such a way that at the end I felt myself one of them ”.