Agribusiness for Artsakh (A4A) project

Project Completed: 01.10.2018 – 30.03.2019
Funding Organization: 
Tufenkian Foundation

The main objective of the project was to provide a participatory assessment of the Kashatagh region and to develop a cluster-based, 3-5-year rural economic and community development plan for the Mijnavan community (selection was done in the scope of the project). The work included the identification of various investment opportunities in different value chains in the community.  1st phase of the project addressed fundamental questions in local economic development, that is, the assessment of existing capacities in 3 communities (Kovsakan, Mijnavan, and Ishkhanadzor). Strengths and weaknesses of each cluster area including available labor resources, existing infrastructure, and agricultural potential have been investigated for further analysis of agribusiness development in one of the selected cluster areas.

For the analysis of existing labor force in communities, current agribusiness climate, privileges provided to resettlers, and Artsakh Government program for 2019-2022, ICARE research team has implemented:

  • Secondary data analysis: Data from NKR statistical service, the official website of NKR Government, and The Ministry of Finance of Artsakh has been investigated to understand government programs in Kashatagh region and in 3 communities particularly.
  • Primary data analysis through in-depth interviews: Data concerning current agribusiness state and existing labor force in communities has been collected through interviews with local authorities in 3 communities of Kashatagh region and farmers that work in the region. 3 focus group discussions were conducted with community residents for identification of regional advantages, potential value chains for development, prospects, and obstacles hindering local economic development.

After a thorough analysis of 3 cluster areas, the Mijnavan community has been selected for further value chain analysis and development of economic opportunity reports.  Suggested business ideas for the economic development of the community considered the availability and sustainable use of natural resources, availability of labor force in Mijnavan, profitability of the business, and access to markets. Proposed business ideas for the economic development of Mijnavan include the production of wood briquettes, dried fruit production, production of vegetables, establishment of fruit orchards, and processing company.