Design Thinking Course

Course Description: 

Design Thinking is an introduction to the process of generating creative ideas and concepts. It aims at finding ways and intellect used by the designers in order to initiate the method to finally develop a robust and sustainable product. Agribusiness looks towards innovation to counter the pressures due to drastic variations in climate and population density as well as regional and domestic challenges for food production and food security. Design thinking in agribusiness looks at ways to counter the challenges of growers, producers, and suppliers in creating successful and marketable products, to convert the ideas through a usable approach to develop a problem-solving activity or machine. The current course covers the step-by-step procedure to create an agricultural product. Introduction to design, manufacturing, and product characteristics are catered in the starting weeks. This is followed by the design thinking process where creativity holds the key. Tasks for the students are given in the lectures, and examples and case studies are quoted for making the course palatable.

Learning outcomes:

After studying this course, you should be able to:

– have an awareness of how design thinking can be applied in a wide range of contexts, from the personal to the global
– investigate and think creatively about design problems and opportunities
– initiate an attitude of playfulness to aid design thinking
– develop visual literacy and articulacy to explain design decisions
– use computing tools and online environments to aid design thinking

Course Content:

– Introduction to design thinking
– Product characteristics
– Design thinking model
– Empathize and define
– Ideating
– Prototyping and testing

Course Start Date: March 2, 2020.

Application Deadline:  February 25, 2021

Eligibility: Students interested in agricultural entrepreneurship, product development, and business management are welcome to apply.

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About Instructor:
David Bequette is an entrepreneur and innovation expert focused on developing individuals and organizations for long-term business growth and sustainability. He is deeply committed to utilizing networking, strategic training, and high-level programming to help startups and entrepreneurs leverage their positions for sustainable growth and development. David Bequette is actively engaged in serving communities and implementing public policies that lead to stronger and better service for the public at large.