BSB1135/AGREEN. Call to Participate in the AGREEN Piloting Training

AGREEN – Opportunity to Participate in Piloting Training #ONLINE

Call to Participate in the AGREEN Piloting Training
Deadline: 18.11.2022
Online Training Dates: 22.11.2022 – 24.11.2022

Call description and application terms
ICARE Foundation announces a call for external stakeholders (see Profile of the
participants sections) to participate in an international training session in the
framework of the AGREEN / BSB-1135 project.
Please also note, that neither the Program or the Project nor ICARE Foundation are
anyhow obliged to select your application or cover any expenses made for submitting an
Open for permanent residents of Armenia.
The eligible persons are invited:
1) to submit their complete filled-out application with the following link:
2) and send their most recent CV in English to .