Enhancing English Proficiency: Agribusiness Teaching Center’s Short-Term Courses

At Agribusiness Teaching Center we are dedicated to providing comprehensive educational opportunities tailored to meet the diverse learning needs of students and individuals eager to enhance their skills. Alongside our annual long-term academic programs, we recognize the value of offering short-term courses designed to bridge specific knowledge gaps and foster personal and professional growth.

One of our popular offerings is the Intermediate English course. Through a dynamic blend of interactive sessions and practical exercises, students embark on a journey of linguistic growth and self-discovery. Throughout the program, participants are immersed in a vibrant learning environment where English serves as the primary mode of communication. They engage in writing assignments, practice expressing thoughts exclusively in English, and master details often missed in listening exercises of varying complexities.

This spring we also had one group that successfully completed the Intermediate English course. Astghik Mkrtchyan, one of the participants of the course shares her thought about the course.

“This is my second time participating in the English learning program organized by the Agribusiness Teaching Center (ATC). I have enjoyed being a part of ATC. The warm and peaceful atmosphere helps me focus on learning and stay motivated. I really appreciated both professors, and I can confidently say that the courses have greatly improved my English skills. Many thanks for the opportunity”.






We believe that this approach not only fosters linguistic development but also cultivates critical thinking and enhances communication skills, empowering individuals to overcome challenges and fears associated with English communication, fostering confidence in diverse real-world settings. Additionally, students are encouraged to build new connections and friendships, enriching their overall learning experience socially.