MAB Statistics

As of December 2016, the number of the ATC MAB graduates reached 76, representing 5 graduate classes starting from 2012. 78% of the MAB graduates are also the graduates of UAB program, another 22% (17 graduates) are alumni of Armenian universities other than Armenian National Agrarian University.

More than 80 % of MAB graduates were working while being students. Currently, after graduation, 94% of MAB graduates are employed, mainly in Armenia. Another 5 (6%) graduates currently pursue Ph.D degrees in the U.S. (Texas A&M University, Michigan State University), Germany (Friedrich Schiller University Jena), China (South China University of Technology) and Armenian National Agrarian University.


The MAB program equips its students with strong quantitative, management, and decision-making skills allowing them to develop successful career paths in international organizations, agribusiness sector, NGOs, academia, non-agricultural fields, and financial and banking system.

The most common job titles among MAB graduates are: Marketing and Sales Director, Country Director, Category Manager, Finance Officer, Financial Analyst, Bank Branch Manager, Corporate Relationship Manager, Marketing Manager, Project Coordinator, Consultant, Senior Accountant, Credit Specialist, Account Manager, Production Manager and Executive Manager. The average net salary of graduates who work in Armenia is about 250,000 AMD monthly ($520), while about 7% of graduates get 550,000 AMD ($1146) and more.

The list of employers of the MAB program graduates in Armenia includes:

  1. RA Ministry of Agriculture
  2. RA Ministry of Finance
  3. Central Bank of Armenia
  4. Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development (CARD) Foundation 
  5. CARD AgroCredit UCO
  6. HSBC Bank Armenia 
  7. MAP CJSC 
  8. Coca Cola HBC Armenia
  9. MEGA Food LLC
  10. Nicola International LLC
  11. Ardshinbank CJSC 
  12. Baker Tilly Armenia CJSC 
  13. Strategic Development Agency
  14. ICARE Foundation 
  15. Inecobank CJSC
  16. Ameria Bank CJSC
  17. FINCA Armenia UCO
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