Program Description


The one-year Undergraduate Agribusiness Program (UAB) curriculum is based on undergraduate Agricultural Economics curriculum of Texas A&M University. The program has the privileged opportunity to fill the growing agribusiness sector and related job markets in Armenia, Georgia, and abroad. The program focuses on student-centered instruction, instructional design, and delivery strategies. Through a combination of classroom instruction, internships, and field visits, students are able to participate in a multifaceted learning environment. Graduates are equipped for leadership, education, communications, and consulting jobs in the broad fields of agribusiness, economics, marketing, finance, and management. The UAB program graduates receive a Diploma from Armenian National Agrarian University and a Certificate from Texas A&M University. 

Reasons for Choosing UAB Program

  • Modern Western-structure curriculum taught in English
  • Student-focused environment
  • Western educated faculty who are engaged in industry, exhibiting passion for student learning and outcomes
  • Strong ties with industry, connecting theory with reality
  • Student engagement in research and development activities
  • Family culture, embodying honesty, integrity, teamwork, and mutual respect. 

Important documentation for current UAB Program students

UAB Program Teaching Policy

Grading System

Honesty Policy