Analysis of Export-oriented FDI

Period of Performance: 08.01.2020 – 30.06.2020
Funding organization: 
International Finance Cooperation (IFC), The World Bank

The Project aims to improve the Government of Armenia’s ability to attract export-oriented foreign direct investment (FDI) in high value-added segments and promote exports of specific agri products. The Project will assist the Government to refine its investment policy to attract investments in high value-added export sectors and increase exports in specific agri sub-sectors. In the scope of the project, a comprehensive and in-depth survey and market analysis of Middle Eastern markets (UAE, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, and Jordan) for horticultural products, such as greenhouse crops, including berries and vegetables, fresh and processed fruits, flowers, and nuts are being conducted, which includes information on possible import restrictions, customs tariffs, possible import quotas, packaging and labeling obligations, etc.

In addition, based on the study results, a detailed toolkit for the exporters on each reviewed market and product to describe the requirements for the market entry will be developed.

Moreover, baseline and ex-post data on the exports, markets, and products will be collected, monitoring and evaluation plan to capture the impact of the performed work on the export increase in the country will be developed.

Exporters’ toolkit_Middle East (5 countries)