Admission to the Undergraduate Agribusiness Certificate program (UAB) is open!


Prospective Students: Students seeking to apply to the Undergraduate Agribusiness Program must have already completed a portion of their undergraduate education. All applicants must be proficient in English. Below are the two tracks for application.

Track 1: Students qualified to apply have completed two years at their university in Armenia or abroad. With this track, students will pursue a Certificate from Texas A&M University (applicants from Armenian National Agrarian University will also receive a State Diploma).

Application Package:

  • Completed application form (download here: UAB Application Form, or pick up at the Admission Office);
  • Copy of passport;
  • A photo (3×4 size);
  • Copy of the student record book;
  • Supporting document, if any (certificates, letters of recommendation).

Track 2: Applicants who already graduated from a higher education institution are qualified to apply. These students will pursue only a Certificate from Texas A&M University.

Application Package

  • Completed application form (download here: UAB Application Form, or pick up at the Admission Office);
  • Copy of passport;
  • A photo (3×4 size);
  • Copy of the undergraduate diploma;
  • Copy of undergraduate transcripts;
  • Supporting document, if any (certificates, letters of recommendation).

All applicants must have English proficiency to continue their studies in ATC (knowledge of English is tested during the admission test and the interview).

Admission Process

STEP 1:  Submit the application package. Deadline for submission is May 25, 2018.

STEP 2:  Take the admission test consisting of sections on English, Basic Economics, and Mathematics. The test date will be announced additionally. Download sample admission tests from previous years.

Download Sample Admission Test 2015
Download Sample Admission Test 2014
Download Sample Admission Test 2013
Download Sample Admission Test 2012
Download Sample Admission Test 2011
Download Sample Admission Test 2010

STEP 3:  Pass admission interview. Interview dates will be announced additionally. Interviews are administered in English.

STEP 4:  A 2-month preparatory program covering Business English, Introduction to Agricultural Economics, Computer Applications, and Public Speaking. The preparatory program starts in the first week of June.

Please note that the admission committee conducts a review of each application, and the selection process is carried out at each step.

Important Notes

  • The ATC admission test is in English and is designed to check your knowledge of English, Economics, and Mathematics. You can pick up a sample test at ATC Admission Office or download it from the ATC website at
  • Students from all departments of the ANAU are eligible to apply unless the course deficiencies exceed 20 credits.
  • The applicant can also choose to attend the ATC without being enrolled at ANAU and receive only the Certificate from Texas A&M University upon completion of the full program.
  • Regulations on a military exemption for ANAU students also apply to the ATC students.
  • The rotational principle of tuition-free studies applies only to students who come from Agribusiness & Marketing specialty in ANAU.
  • Tuition fee is applied to all 4th-year students of ATC regardless of their previous status.
  • The ATC provides scholarships to its students based on their previous academic performance and factors of need.
  • The ATC does not provide financial support for study-abroad programs.
  • Applicants cannot apply to the ATC after finishing high school.
  • The ATC does not offer evening or distance undergraduate education.
  • The ATC does not find a job for their graduates. However, the ATC provides career advising services to students.
  • ATC graduates have 90% job placement within the 1st year after graduation.

Admission Office

74 Teryan Street, 0009 Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:  (374 10) 58 79 57 (extension 16)