EVN Wine Academy and Yerevan Biennial Art Foundation (YBAF) supporting local Armenian artists

The world of wine and art is a comfortable union, with the time and energy spent producing a fine bottle of wine comparable to a work of art. The creation of its label is no exception.

The finishing flair of elegance on a bottle of wine is the fine art of the label of the wine. These wine labels communicate the story of the Armenian culture and wine. Armenia is an ancient country, famous for its rich history and culture. The world’s oldest-known wine cellar, dating from 6,200 years ago, has been uncovered by archaeologists in the south of Armenia. Thus, EVN Wine Academy, being a winemaking academic structure, approaches the presentation of the Armenian wines produced by EVN Wine Academy students with the greatest responsibility.

Hence, inspired by these ideas, as part of a partnership between the EVN Wine Academy and YBAF, contemporary Armenian artists lent their talents to a range of wines produced by the students of the EVN Wine Academy.

To view and behold good art, you don’t have to limit yourself by only visiting a museum, feel free to visit YBAF Art Spaces, A1 Art Space in Abovyan Street 1/1, or Latitude Art Space in the Art Factory Building in the Vahakni District, enjoy the atmosphere, evaluate EVN Wine Academy Wines with their new labels and buy a bottle of wine with a piece of art on it. While enjoying the taste of the wine you will feel proud to have supported local Armenian artists as well. Part of the proceeds of these bottles are going directly to the artists.

Breathe art, drink EVN Wine Academy Wines.