Admission to EVN Wine Academy 2019 is OPEN!

Admission to EVN Wine Academy 2019 is OPEN!

Prospective Students can be:

  • Students who completed at least their first two years of bachelor studies, preferably in agricultural, economics, or technology curricula;
  • Specialists from colleges related to the wine industry or winemaking;
  • Students with a Bachelor’s degree or a higher degree, including those with backgrounds unrelated to wine.

Application Package:

  • Completed Application for Admission (Download here: Application for Admission, or pick up at the Admissions Office of EVN Wine Academy);
  • Diplomas and transcripts from all universities attended (1 copy of each);
  • A copy of a passport or a national ID Card;
  • Two 3×4 photos;
  • Copy of the student record book if the applicant is currently studying at a university (ստուգարքային գրքույկ).

Admission Process:

  • Submit the application package;
  • Pass the admission interview.

The Admissions Committee reviews each application, and the selection process is carried out at each step.

Application Deadline:  October 15, 2019 06:00 p.m.

Submit the Application Package to the EVN Wine Academy Admissions Office by sending to the email or hand deliver to:

Anna Mkhitaryan, Programs Manager, EVN Wine Academy

Address:  74 Teryan Street, 0009 Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:     +37410 587 957 (ext. 32)


To learn more about the modules, tuition fee, and available scholarships proceed to Program Description.