INT.RE.COOP – International Research Exchange on Cooperatives

Project Completed: September 2012 – September 2015
Coordinator: Euricse

INT.RE.COOP enlarges the Research Network established by RECOSET. Partners’ diverse research expertises (in economics, development studies, applied economics, sociology, law, management and business administration) and geographic specialization (EU/AC, CIS; North America; Latin America), ensures multidisciplinary and international approach adoption and implementation of comparative analyses across sectors and countries, given the goal of developing policy recommendations on how to support the growth of cooperatives where they show competitive advantages.
Coordinator: Euricse
Partners: University of Liege, Centre for Social Economy – ULG, Belgium; University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy, Institute for Sociological Research – UBF-ISR, Serbia; University of Almería – UAL, Spain; The International Center for Agribusiness Research and Education – ICARE, Armenia; The Centre for Human Resources Development – ORACUL, Belarus; Association of NGOs “Socio-Economic Strategies and Partnerships” – SESP, Ukraine; National University of la Plata, Faculty of Economics, Institute for Studies on Cooperatives – UNLP/IECOOP, Argentina; University of São Paulo, Faculty of Economics, Administration and Accounting of Ribeirão Preto – USP-FEA-RP, Brazil; University of Santiago de Chile, Faculty of Economics and Administration, International Center on Social Economy and Cooperatives – USACH/IESCOOP, Chile; University of Querétaro, School of Administration and Accounting – UAQ, Mexico; University of Missouri – MST, USA; University of Saskatchewan, Centre for the study of Cooperatives – CSUSASK, Canada; University of Wisconsin-Madison, Centre for Cooperatives – UWMADISON/UWCC, USA.