Wine laboratory and Sensory Lab

The Wine Chemistry Lab. Students of EVN Wine Academy, as well as students, professors, and experts of the Armenian wine sector, have an opportunity to work and conduct their research in this lab. This lab allows conducting analyses for determining alcohol content, total and volatile acidity, pH, total and free SO2, sugar content, iron content, methanol content, phenols and color of wine using photospectrometer, tartaric stability, white wine protein stability, and others. These analyses are conducted using both Armenian and international, including the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), methods and standards. The lab provides education to EVN Wine Academy students and opens opportunities for all stakeholders in the Armenian wine sector for conducting wine chemistry tests and research.The Sensory Laboratory – This lab helps EVN Wine Academy students and Armenian winemakers enhance their qualification in wine sensory. The Sensory Lab has 10 wine sensory desks/cabins and a full set of wine sensory tools and accessories, including aroma sets, and a possibility to organize independent blind tastings. The ICARE opened its sensory and enological laboratory at the beginning of 2016. Both laboratories are the only ones in Armenia, fulfilling training and research objectives and offering professional training for improving and controlling wine quality and winemaking. With the funding and assistance from GIZ, as well as Judith Saryan and Victor Zarougian, the EVN Wine Academy is able to follow its practical teaching approach, enabling students’ hands-on education.