Undergraduate Agribusiness Program (UAB)


The one-year Undergraduate Agribusiness Program (UAB) curriculum is based on undergraduate Agricultural Economics curriculum of Texas A&M University. The program has the privileged opportunity to fill the growing agribusiness sector and related job markets in Armenia, Georgia, and abroad. The program focuses on student-centered instruction, instructional design, and delivery strategies. Through a combination of classroom instruction, internships, and field visits, students are able to participate in a multifaceted learning environment. Graduates are equipped for leadership, education, communications, and consulting jobs in the broad fields of agribusiness, economics, marketing, finance, and management. The UAB program graduates receive a Diploma from Armenian National Agrarian University and a Certificate from Texas A&M University.

Reasons for Choosing UAB Program

  • Modern Western-structure curriculum taught in English
  • Student-focused environment
  • Western-educated faculty who are engaged in industry, exhibiting a passion for student learning and outcomes
  • Strong ties with industry, connecting theory with reality
  • Student engagement in research and development activities
  • Family culture, embodying honesty, integrity, teamwork, and mutual respect.

UAB Curriculum

Note: for the admission year 2019-2020 the Undergraduate Agribusiness program of Agribusiness Teaching Center has been restructured from a 2-year program into a 1-year intensive program.

Fall Semester

  • Macroeconomics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Technical Writing
  • Financial Management
  • Business Statistics

Spring Semester

  •   Marketing Analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Strategic Management
  • Natural Resource Economics
  • Operations Management
  • Managerial Accounting

Internship program

The objective of the eight-week Summer Internship Program is to provide students an opportunity to acquire practical experience in the agribusiness field. Students are placed in active agribusinesses throughout the country to obtain
an integrated view of the business, as well as work and view the operations at each department. Students use classroom theory in the practical application during the eight weeks. Students are required to submit current and final internship reports that reflect operations of the company, the student’s role in the workplace, suggest future development, as well as make an oral presentation of the internship.

An industry internship is a specialized work experience, designed to provide students with real-world application of their growing knowledge in the agribusiness sector. Students should use their internships to utilize the concepts or principles from the core courses taught at the ATC. The eight-week program is a valuable portion of the students’ education and effectively prepares them for professional careers.

UAB Internship Guideline

Internship Evaluation form, ENG

Ուսումնաարտադրական պրակտիկայի գնահատման ձև



Prospective Students: Students seeking to apply to this 1-year Undergraduate Agribusiness Program must have already completed a portion or fully their undergraduate education. All applicants must be proficient in English. Here are the two target groups of applicants.

Target group 1: Students qualified to apply have completed three years at the Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU), preferably in economics-related specialties. With this track, students will pursue a Diploma from ANAU and a Certificate from Texas A&M University. Students will pay their tuition fee at the Armenian National Agrarian University in a total amount of 550,000 AMD for the entire program.

Target group 2: Applicants who already graduated from a higher education institution in Armenia or abroad can apply. These students will pursue only a Certificate from Texas A&M University. Students will pay their tuition fee at ICARE Foundation in a total amount of 360,000 AMD for the entire program.

Application Package:

  • Completed application form (download here: UAB Application Form, or pick up at the Admission Office);
  • Copy of passport;
  • A photo (3×4 size);
  • Copy of the student record book;
  • Supporting document, if any (certificates, letters of recommendation).

Admission Process

STEP 1:  Submit the application package.

STEP 2:  Take the admission test consisting of sections on English, Basic Economics, and Mathematics. Download sample admission tests from previous years.

Download Sample Admission Test 
Download Sample Entrance exam
STEP 3:  Pass admission interview. Interviews are administered in English.

Important Notes

  • The admission test is in English and is designed to check your knowledge of English, Economics, and Mathematics. You can pick up a sample test at the Admission Office or download it from the website at icare.am/atc.
  • Students from all departments of the ANAU are eligible to apply unless the course deficiencies exceed 20 credits.
  • Graduates of any university in Armenia or abroad are eligible to apply.
  • Regulations on a military exemption for ANAU students also apply to the ATC students.
  • All applicants from ANAU will pay a tuition fee.
  • We provide scholarships to the students based on their previous academic performance and factors of need.
  • Applicants cannot apply after finishing high school.

Admission Office

74 Teryan Street, 0009 Yerevan, Armenia

Phone:  (374 10) 58 79 57 (extension 16), (374 96) 54 03 02

E-mail: admissionsUAB@gmail.com

Important documentation for current UAB Program students

UAB Teaching Policy

Grading System

ATC Honesty Policy