The EVN Wine Academy was established jointly with Semina Consulting (now WIne Works) in 2014 to offer a professional 18-month certificate program in Enology and Wine Business as well as short courses for wine enthusiasts. The certificate program is provided jointly by ICARE and Geisenheim University, Germany.

The Armenian wine industry has entered a phase of development that can be coined “back to the origins.” The country has a history of over 6,000 years of industrial winemaking, but had lost this reputation over the past 70 years. Over the past year, EVN’s innovative Enology and Wine Business curriculum has become a significant factor helping the developing wine industry to become internationally competitive. The program was developed by and is taught jointly with the German Geisenheim University, by whom it is also funded. The Wine Academy is also providing short-term training courses for both wine professionals and wine lovers, which is aiding the Armenian revival of its historic reputation as a wine-drinking society.