Responding to the need for wine sector development in Armenia, the German Society for International Cooperation (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit – GIZ) initiated this baseline study with the aim of exploring the current state of the wine sector, identifying macroeconomics, statistical and sector-based baseline indicators for development monitoring, highlighting the relationships and communication between industry, suppliers, and institutional partners or stakeholders. The baseline study is intended to deliver grounds for comparisons and judgment about the development results achieved by the intervention of this GIZ Private Sector Development program in South Caucasus. This baseline study provides insights into the wine sector with the help of quantitative and qualitative data, that supports  GIZ-PSD program implementation in Armenia. The purpose of the study is to present the baseline situation of the wine sector in Armenia, including the current state of wine-producing companies, the ease of operating in the market, relations across the value chain, further development expectations, as well as possible collaboration with other institutions, and career prospectives of graduates.

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