Assessment of and Recommendations for Staff Appraisal Systems and Training Needs Analysis for the Ministry of Agriculture of the RA

Project Completed: 2016

Agriculture production has been and continues to be one of the leading sectors of the Armenian economy that together with agriculture processing makes up about 25% of the GDP of the country. The importance of the sector was assessed by the Eastern Neighborhood Partnership for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) that jointly with Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) initiated the project to strengthen the technical potential of the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA). Within the scope of the technical assistance provided to MoA, it is planned to strengthen the institutional and capacity development of Government stakeholders, which includes assessment of the current human resource appraisal system in the Ministry and making recommendations for the introduction of new staff appraisal systems and training programs.

The main objective of the assignment is supporting the Ministry of Agriculture and adjacent agencies personnel to run more effective working practices that will result in the successful implementation of Sustainable Agricultural Development Strategy. This assumes suggestions on human resources training and development systems within the MoA and its relevant agencies, that are effective and in line with European best practices.